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If you're looking for more out of your job, then we're looking for you.

Some Background

We began in 1947 with a single truck and have grown to become Meijer's leading service provider. This achievement is a result of our service teams. Each employee is given the autonomy to be awesome, innovate, have fun, and obsess over our clients.

Work should fit your life,
not the other way around.

We firmly believe that while your wage is an important thing, it's not the only thing. So while our compensation is competitive, we offer other benefits that are even more compelling.


Many of our part-time positions let you define a work schedule that fits your life.


Your efforts are visible and tangible, and they directly influence clients' success.


Our corporate culture acknowledges and encourages your work-life balance.


We don't do "dull." At Serv-U-Success, the work day is fast-paced; you'll relish an ever-changing array of problems to solve and opportunities to seize.


We have a management-level commitment to empowering and recognizing the people who make our success possible: our people at the store level.


We offer the opportunity for advancement with a structured, defined career ladder.

we want to be a good company and good people.

Our approach is different. We care about results, but we care just as much about how we achieve them. As a company, we pride ourselves on being as agile as we are accurate. We're guided less by policies and more by good judgment and a desire to provide superior service. Our people are empowered to make decisions, and our simple, guiding rule is "use good judgment." We understand the power of laughter. We treat each other with warmth and concern. Like family, we look out for one another. And we fundamentally believe that we can do more together than we can individually.

We want people who can apply themselves.

If you're merely looking for a paycheck, we wish you luck. But if you're looking for work that fits your life, if you're looking for an employer that values and empowers its people, then we're looking for you.

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