What We Do

We deliver reliable and rapid retail services.

Let's be honest

Retail is hard. A product's success depends on the manufacturer's ability to carefully manage every aspect: inventory control, on-shelf appearance, and service projects.

Even after all of that there are four serious hurdles that every product faces before it lands in a shopping cart.


Reps and service teams divide their time between a hodgepodge of tasks that are inefficient, time-consuming, and NOT merchandising or project work. The time they spend waiting for a product or materials to arrive, and then hunting for them in the back room, means less time for merchandising, improving on-shelf appearance, or completing service projects. And if the site isn't ready when products, materials, and display items arrive, far more time is wasted. Ideally, reps continually check that shelves are fully stocked and properly merchandised.


As a manufacturer, you have total control over your product - until it leaves your loading dock. Then, all bets are off. Getting product, project materials, promotional items, and display pieces to the shelf is rarely efficient, often expensive, and almost always nerve-wracking. As a manufacturer, you have a lot to lose:  time, dollars, and control.


With traditional programs, it can take up to 14 days to move new product from the shipping point to the store shelf, and the time is even greater to complete a service project. You know when your project is scheduled to start or when your products hits the loading dock; but after that, it's anyone's guess. The one thing you DO know is that, every day a project is not complete or a product is not on the shelf, you're missing sales opportunities.


For local, regional, and specialty brands, point-of-purchase display is an enormous asset - AND an enormous liability. Because there's no efficient way to consistently kit, ship, assemble, and stock product displays, this sort of system has two sure outcomes: needless waste and missed sales opportunities.

the bottom line

1 Team: 1 Store

We have a team of highly-trained, highly-motivated people, IN EACH STORE, who are ready to stock and merchandise your product. Each team is fully capable of completing service projects to promise and efficiency. All you have to do is ask.

The consequence of a long-standing relationship.

We've built a unique, retailer-centric relationship with Meijer, the nation's largest independent supercenter chain. Our planning, operations, and communications integrate with Meijer processes, our sales team meets with Meijer buyers regularly, and our logistics department interacts with theirs. We have teams in every store merchandising product daily and simultaneously completing chain-wide services projects. We're an important bridge between your brand and Meijer, because we want both of you to succeed.

Four Reasons to go 1-to-1


With Serv-U-Success' 1-to-1, your merchandising is always current and your projects look good; no empty spaces, dated promotions, or poorly done projects. And the shelf will look great because, with 1-to-1, your products can be touch every day - even more often during peak sales cycles.

Our people walk around acting like they own the place.

Because Serv-U-Success reps are in the store so much, they have a strong sense of ownership and an acute knowledge of their stores: products and promotions, customers, and store management. Our people are cross-trained and can quickly adapt their work and their schedules to any situation. They bring personal dedication to the shelf, to customers, and to the store.

We don't rest on our laurels. We don't rest, period.

Our 1-to-1 model allows for extremely rapid deployment. New products can be on-shelf (with correct merchandising elements) within 24 hours of delivery to the store. Large project take half the time when compared to the traditional retail service model and small projects can be completed chain wide within 24 to 48 hours. And forget about days or even weeks to launch a product. We can perform a full-chain pull-and-plug in just 48 hours.

The whole enchilada. Even if you don't sell enchiladas.

1-to-1 is a comprehensive solution for your brand, encompassing warehousing, distribution, in-store product management, and service projects. This delivers three things every manufacturer loves: improved efficiency, increased sales, and greater accountability.

Our Foundation for Success


We've said it before and we'll say it again, our people in the store are the foundation on which we succeed. Each store team is a highly-trained and highly-effective unit striving to provide a level of presentation, reliability, and speed that is unmatched.


Our Service Execution System precisely schedules, communicates, tracks, and reports work across every store. The system supplies our people with tools and knowledge to complete everything from quick merchandising tasks to complex service projects by providing them with what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.


Our Service Center is deeply integrated with Meijer Logistics. Whether it is a product or a service material, we have the capabilities to manage and control delivery to the store and dramatically increase a product's speed-to-shelf as well as on-time service project completions.

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