Anyway you want it, that's the way it will be.

You can let Serv-U-Success manage your product from the warehouse to the store shelves. Or choose only the services that you need most. We know the challenges you face as a manufacturer, and we want to help wherever we can. And the more of your business we have, the more we can help.

We’ve helped improve sales for everything from sodas and snacks, to coffee and Christmas ornaments. When you view Serv-U-Success as a partner, not just a service provider, we’ll both be more successful.

service from start to finish

The SES plans, schedules, dispatches, executes, monitors, and reports on service work done in the store. For service work, the SES provides transparency, real-time information, and performance analytics.
Serv-U-Success has years of experience working with retailers’ buying desks and manufacturers in effectively anticipating product demand. We help achieve very high store order fulfillment rates while eliminating out-of-dates.

Our team partners with your merchandise and planning teams to improve product availability and drive category sales.

Serv-U-Success has a full warehouse management system to conveniently track and invoice product deliveries. We also have warehouse space to consolidate SKUs for greater efficiency.
The service center performs receiving, light assembly, picking/kitting by store, and shipping operations for a service project’s bill of materials including point-of-purchase displays and, if appropriate, the associated products.

The service center utilizes Serv-U-Success’s warehouse operations capability to pick, pack and ship service project materials to Meijer stores. The service center delivers control of a service project’s materials nearly eliminating loss and/or inability to locate the needed materials.

Combined with Serv-U-Success’s store service capabilities, the service center is a unique solution for ensuring reliable, fast, and efficient completion of service projects.

Serv-U-Success has full logistics capability including its own truck fleet. Serv-U-Success manages logistics for all freight that is inbound to its consolidation warehouses.

Serv-U-Success is fully integrated with Meijer logistics, which enables transportation and cross-docking through the Meijer distribution chain. This results in lower shipping costs and higher efficiency.

The heart of the Serv-U-Success 1-to-1 platform is a team dedicated to serving a single store. At Meijer stores, our teams have a detailed knowledge of not only the store, but also its products, promotions, customers, and buying cycles. For the brands we service, this produces sales results that consistently outperform the category.